Sharing unearthed discoveries and spreading wearable handmade delights around the world.

From Perth, Western Australia to Paris, France, to follow a dream and a slightly romantic notion to live and work in the city of love and lights. Like many artists in this incredible city, I live and work in a cute and cosy one room studio, looking through my scarlet geranium lined window over the hiddledy piggledy roof-tops and down to the Canal Saint-Martin. I craft away in the clouds at my bench while the hustle and bustle of daily life carries on in the streets below. Daily walks around my neighbouring quartiers and weekend jaunts to the flea markets, fuel my imagination and turn up pocketfuls of Parisian preciousness that beg to join my collection of knick-knacks and rustic notions from Australia. Forging a new vernacular for my craft, the results are sophisticated tribal chic, bridging cultural divides between two lands at opposite ends of the earth.

Originally from a farm on the ruggedly beautiful South-Coast my creative leanings are instinctively towards nature. A purveyor of beautiful things, anything found or foraged that catches my eye I enjoy forging into wearable form. Sometimes the creative process consists of merely turning up what is already there, allowing my mind to speak to my hand and gleaning something from another. Just as slow food is about the combination and accentuation of flavours, the process and the ultimate sharing and nourishing, so is jewellery; as much an object, as a process, cumulating in sensory delight between maker, wearer and observer. Through a ritualistic creation and wearing of significant tokens and talismans there exists a reverence for the object and intrinsically a meditation on the source of all things. In the moment taken to observe, there remains the opportunity to slow down, to contemplate and appreciate.


Photo Gabrielle Chaillet